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Listing Of Georgia Dental Clinics For Low Income People

friendshelpingfriends started this conversation
GDA Dental Clinic Listing

Georgia has many charity clinics that take patient income under consideration. Patients must contact each clinic for details on fees
and services. Clinics may have waiting lists for services; be open
only on certain days; accept only patients from certain counties;
and not accept emergencies. Patients may wish to check with their local department of health for information about care that may be available for persons under age 21. In addition to these clinics, the Georgia Partnership for Caring may be able to match persons without insurance with a dentist. Visit

Medicaid Contacts
Medicaid Patient Numbers:

Amerigroup: (800) 600-4441
Wellcare: (866) 231-1821
Peach State: (800) 704-1484
Atlanta (Fulton County)

Ben Massell Dental Clinic
(404) 881-1858

Grady Oral Health Center
(404) 616-9772
HIV and AIDS patients ONLY.

Kirkwood West Dental Clinic
(404) 370-4640

West End Medical Center
(404) 752-1400

Good Samaritan Center
(404) 523-6571

Hughes Spalding
Children's Dental Center
(404) 616-3304

Southside Healthcare
(404) 564-6801
Ashburn (Turner County)
Rural Smiles Clinic
(229) 567-9292
Appointments are by referral only from area health care providers, hospitals, health departments, DFACS, mental and behavior clinics, and faith based organizations.
Athens (Clarke County)
Mercy Health Center
(706) 425-9445
Augusta (Richmond County)
Medical College of Georgia
School of Dentistry Clinic
(706) 721-2371
Austell (Cobb County)
Sweetwater Valley Clinic
(678) 398-6548
Blue Ridge (Fannin County)
Georgia Mountain Dental
(706) 258-3384
Columbus (Muscogee County)
Valley Healthcare Systems
(706) 221-4433
Dalton (Whitfield County)
Whitfield Co. Health Department Dental Clinic
Children's Clinic: (5-18 years old) & Adult Clinic: (18+)
(706) 281-2206
Fayetteville (Fayette County)
Fayette Care Clinic
(770) 487-4778
Gainesville (Hall County)
Good News Dental Clinic
(770) 503-1369
Jasper (Pickens County)
Good Samaritan Clinic
(706) 253-4673
Greensboro (Greene County)
Tender Care Clinic
(706) 453-1200
Press 4 for medical and dental services,
then press 2 for dental services
Lawrenceville (Gwinnett County)
Hebron Community Health Center (770) 277-4675 Good Samaritan Health Center
(678) 280-6630
Lithonia (Dekalb County)
East Dekalb Health Center
(770) 484-2623
Macon (Bibb County)
Macon Volunteer Clinic
(478) 755-1110
Marietta (Cobb County)
Good Samaritan Health Center
(770) 419-3120
Richland (Stewart County)
Stewart Webster Rural Health Clinic
(229) 887-3324
Savannah (Chatham County)
Curtis V. Cooper Primary
Health Care, Inc.
(912) 527-1000
JC Lewis Health Center
(912) 495-8887
Valdosta (Lowndes County)
Lowndes Associate Ministries for People (LAMP)
(229) 242-5267
Warrenton (Warren County)
Tri County Health System
(706) 465-3253
Waycross (Ware County)
McKinney Community Health Center
(912) 287-0301
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Angel2837   in reply to woman in a shoe
Its okay hopefully others will see
This and have hope.
Talk to Angel2837
woman in a shoe   in reply to Angel2837
The person u just posted to hasn't been on here sent 2011 sorry
Talk to woman in a shoe
This is for Dental help
There will be a free dental
In Perry or parry Ga in
2015,if your teeth are bad they will
Be pulled,there awesome
Its called Gmom,,just keep a look out
Most like late summer early fall
Not to sure yet...but i will post
This is in Ga...lots of ppl come from other
States just to get the help that they can not pay
For.I understand whats its like to be in pain
And no one cares...but they do....its worth
The wait if you can not find other places..
There needs to be better help for ppl
That can not afford to fix there or even keep
Them in good working order.Its so sad and painful
Ive cried many nights for my self,husband and other
In the same place that we are in its crazy!
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Poppyday13   in reply to karm
Please look back at the long post I did a few minutes ago, it tells you how to get dental help.
Talk to Poppyday13
i have no insurance at all. and i am a full time student and my husband has very little income bc of child support so i cnt afford a dentist
Talk to karm
EDBu   in reply to Newbidder1970
Try to Dental College In August you would have to drive but they can help you
Talk to EDBu
Newbidder1970   in reply to angel333
Angel, honey I'm in THE EXACT SAME BOAT THAT YPUR SON IS IN. I'm a 42 yr old white man and baby girl my teeth are Virtually KILLING ME!! And I mean this LITERALLY I joke about this NONE AT ALL!! This is a very serious matter to me. I'm out of work, and can't get a job one reason is because of my poor dental health, the other is because hell I HURT ALL OF THE TIME!!! My mouth actually pains me 24 hours a day 365 days a year!! I have in the past spent at least $40,000 on what I called QUICK FIXES BY THESE FLY BY NIGHT DENTIST!! You know these small town dentists who went to dental collage, but sat in the very back of the class and never paid attention and got by just by the skin of their own damn teeth!!! Now they make their living by BUTCHERING the teeth and Gums of us small town boys and girls. Men and women, and hell when isn't don't work, we don't k ow any better because pieces of shite like him are ALL WE EVER KNEW!!! So ultimately it was always alright when we went back after that $10,000 crown and Bridge broke and fell out, to hear him say, well honey I kinda figured it wasn't gonna hold Because SO and SO WAS TOO BAD OFF TO HOLD THE SO AND SO!!! Well I now KNOW BETTER AND I KNOW THERE ARE DENTISTS OUT THERE THAT CAN HELP ME AT THIS POINT, I KNOW THAT NONE OF MY TEETH ARE GONNA BE SAVED BECAUSE dentists like the one I have described have ULTIMATELY RUINED THEM!!! But at this point and time I am BROKE AND CONSTANTLY IN HORRIBLE PAIN!!! My Gums are INFECTED 24 / 7 365!!!! I HAVE GOTTO GET THESE DECAYED BROKEN TEETH OUT OF MY HEAD!!! The Smell the Taste and the Physical Look is just Terrible, and the bad part about it all is I'm NOT A BAD LOOKING MAN BUT THESE BAD TEETH MAKE ME LOOK LIKE A CRACK HEAD OR METH ADDICT, AND I DON'T USE EITHER ONE OF THESE DRUGS!! I NEVER HAVE AND I NEVER INTEND TO USE THEM. BUT I HAVE GOT TO HAVE THESE TEETH REMOVED AND I HAVE TO GET THIS DONE VERY VERY SOON DO YPU KNOW OF ANYBODY THAT CAN HNELP ME??? I AM AT THE POINT THAT I AM BEGGING FOR HELP, I NEED HELP I REALLY REALLY NEED HELP NOW!! please email me if you know of someone that can help me TO have my teethe removed, I AM EXTREMELY DESPERATE!!!
Talk to Newbidder1970
ElyieBliss   in reply to SSSS
On the application it says you have to be willing to pay $85 up front no matter what your income is and --- there is no guarantee they will take you. As a low income person I cannot afford this.
Talk to ElyieBliss
BPOSITIVE   in reply to angel333
If you live in Fulton or Dekalb counties your son can go to Grady ER to be examined they work with low income families.
BPOSITIVE   in reply to auntbob
Are you sure they have the type of free or low income assistance program you are seeking? Ask God to direct you to the right resources in your area.
BPOSITIVE   in reply to AndieM.
Pray to GOD ask his angel to protect you and read Psalm 91 then trust God and be positive!
BPOSITIVE   in reply to PissedOffWithAmericasHealthcar
Why didn't you get in your car, or take a bus and go down there and get in line to see if they could help you! You lazy!
AndieM.   in reply to Candela1113
Their number has been what????????????
Talk to AndieM.
AndieM.   in reply to PissedOffWithAmericasHealthcar
Their number is now disconnected as well!!!
Talk to AndieM.
AndieM.   in reply to Overcoming One
Carecredit turned me down immediately & it was only for $745.00 from "Affordable Dentures".
Talk to AndieM.
AndieM.   in reply to s.o.s1
I will try that! I need dentures, make a measley disability check cuz of a brain injury & can barely pay rent, much less dentures. I also need to find a very safe, decent lower income apt. in Cobb County.....Sec. has been closed since 2008. What do I do????????????
Talk to AndieM.
Talk to auntbob
epistephie72   in reply to PissedOffWithAmericasHealthcar
Have you seen a south american medical facility. We don't have an immune system to support some of the bacterias there or bugs and forget about the parasites. Just kill yourself now. Calm down and think! Stress makes anything worse it will get better. Start with going to the ER and get a diagnosis with recommendation on it take that to grady and schedule your appt directly with dental dept. Seriously this is how I did it. Don't lose your cool. You can go to the fulton or dekalb or gwinette facilities and get further than in cobb. Don't get discouraged. It will get better....really. Write back if you need some help or ideas, we got to share info to make it, right? Knowledge is power!
Talk to epistephie72
epistephie72   in reply to cupcake117
Grady takes more than HIV patients! Grady took me on and actually did 2 surgeries for tmj and removed 2 molars. Everyones needs to realize they are not the only person with an issue today. Please be patient and calm down. rinse your mouth keep it clean absolutely go to ER. Take that diagnosis/recommendation to grady and start the process. but there is a line. Others were waiting before you.
Talk to epistephie72
Overcoming One   in reply to Just helping
This post is for anyone who needs help. When I needed a root canal and crown, I found on the internet. This is a good and safe website. You enter in how much income you have and then they tell you how much of a credit line that you can get for any medical or dental services that you need.( even some veterinarians ) I got $2500.00 to use. You have to find a dentist that is signed up with this program first. It's not hard. I found 2 in the first 2 calls that I made to dentists. Then you have to find out how long that you have until you have to pay off your bill interest free. I got 18 months to pay off $1415.00. That's doable. BUT... if you don't pay off your bill in the specified time,the interest kicks in. And you don't want to pay the interest rates ! If you have little or no income, this may not help. But I sincerely hope it helps someone like it did me. I certainly didn't have $1415.00 laying around. But I can come up with $78.00 a month to pay it down till it's paid off.
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